“Salvation Belongs to the LORD!” Exposition of Jonah- Part 1

(You can listen to this sermon here.) Text: Jonah 1:1-2:10 The book of Jonah is one that causes a lot of questions for people. Questions like, how big was the fishes mouth? Or, how did a whale get in the Mediterranean Sea? Or, how many people actually lived in Nineveh? Often questions like these cause... Continue Reading →


“Salvation Belongs to the LORD!” Exposition of Jonah- Part 2

(You can listen to this sermon here.) Salvation Belongs to the LORD! Jonah 2:1-3:4 When we read the story of Jonah, we might be quick to think “Ah yes! This is a story about missions.” While this is certainly a major theme in the book (which we will consider in chapter 4), it is not... Continue Reading →

Christ Gave Himself For His Bride

The focal point of all human history is the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the greatest of all God’s revelation of Himself to mankind. As Christians, the cross is not just an exemplary action to show us how to live toward our neighbors (although that would be one application), but it is... Continue Reading →

The Gospel of the Trinitarian God

“I found God.”  “I gave my heart to Jesus.”  “I prayed the sinner’s prayer.”  “Smile!  Jesus loves you.”  These are just a few clichés that reverberate through the church today in many Christians’ thinking concerning the Gospel.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is considered to be less of God’s work in saving His people, and... Continue Reading →

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